Warming up our Homes for Autumn
Enough with the linens...bring on the luxurious silks and velvets. As everyone heads back to school and the first sense of a cool breeze is welcomed into our homes, mixing a touch of warmth with different textiles and accessories is getting us excited for the new season. 
We love our clean white walls, but in the last few months we have seen a progressive transition to incorporating warmer neutrals throughout a home.  It adds a moody aesthetic without taking away the crisp, clean feeling we all consistently cherish.
(Leslie Unruh)
Layering different hides on a traditionally lighter rug like a sisal can be an eclectic way to add a touch of luxe to your breakfast room or office. Check out this modern hide we have used in countless areas! 
Adding different textures throughout the room is an easy way to warm up your living room for fall. When choosing accessories an fabric, don't necessarily focus on color, but rather texture. If you have a light and airy space, it is easy to warm up linens and sisals with different velvets and silks. We are constantly changing pillows as the seasons progress--It's something little that can really transform an area in the most cost-effective way.
Bring the fall indoors with this amazing woodsy aroma. We consistently burn this in the shop right at the sight of fresh air. As your football watch parties commence this fall, the Apotheke candle will set the tone for all your guests!
Happy autumn everyone!