A Pot of Art: How to Mix Styles in a Home

Choosing art for a home is one of our favorite things to do. It adds depth and personality to a space that it may have lacked before. However, we have found that mistakes can be easily made throughout a home if you do not layer properly.  Although there are no rules to art and creativity, make sure and choose carefully so they become the focal point rather than an eyesore!

These black abstracts help to emphasize the eclectic, yet refined space. They add texture and interest, but maintain a clean appeal. These black line drawings would look beautiful in a similar space.

Don't be afraid to mix a more modern piece of art with a traditional room. It can add a surprise element to the room. Our love for the mix of blues will never end--this traditional blue chair is the perfect compliment to the navy abstract. 

This is a good example of layering different artworks within the same room. They hung two of the same size art pieces to provide balance, but added visual appeal with different colors and textures. In the room behind, you can notice an object on the painting which differentiates the three--make sure to not add too much of the same element.


We love to base our textiles and furniture for a room on a specific piece of art. Sometimes that is the best way to create a palette for a space.


Finally, don't be afraid of oversized works of art. It can truly add a wow factor to an entry without any other piece of furniture or accessory. Check out this piece!