Styling Turkish Rugs in Any Home
Vintage hand-knotted rugs have always been a luxurious statement in almost any space. However, bright colored hues are starting to replace darker toned rugs making a statement throughout modern and traditional homes. 
These original rugs are available in all sizes--fitting in washrooms, bedrooms and living spaces and kitchens. From cool blues to bright magentas, you can count on these intricate pieces of work to liven up your space. 
Enhance a white area with a pop of color!  A bright hand-knotted rug immediately adds interest in depth that may have been lacking before. Mix and match your rugs in the same space for an added splash!
For a bohemian look, layer your Turkish rug with a natural-fiber rug to obtain a relaxed and welcoming energy.
Don't be afraid to use a color that is not prominent throughout your home. This is a surprise that we gladly welcome.
Complimenting artwork and home accessories from floor to ceiling is an elegant way to define a specific space.
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Houston, Texas -- September 12-13
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