A Colorful Spring Ahead: This Season's Home Decorating Trends
As the first day of spring approaches, we are looking forward to the shift of color as the season begins to change. Everything about Spring 2018 includes color, but not your typical spring hues. From fashion to home decor, we are excited to incorporate more pure and primary colors in our daily wardrobe and throughout our customers homes. 
For the past few years, homes have been transitioning to a clean palette with clean white and neutral furnishings. Enliven the space with a few bold accessories and upholstery.
Use colors that are warm and embracing throughout your home.  For instance, add some soft coral and blue hues to a create a positive energy and inviting presence.
Look into some colorful pieces of art as the colorful focus in a space. Mixing in a few colorful home accessories to compliment the artwork in the space, will really create a "wow effect" without breaking the bank.
 Frame your windows with a bright shade of yellow, orange or green. This will truly be a showstopper this spring, so don't be afraid to wake up your windows with some color.
Lastly, we love following Better Home and Gardens paint colors each season. Here are their picks that we are totally in love with!