Luxurious white and gold bathroom
What makes a house beautiful? Powder and master baths may not be the first area to come to mind. However, it can be one of the most memorable spaces in a home due to its private luxury. From oversized spa-like rooms to vibrant dainty quarters, they can truly be one of a kind.
Airy bathroom with white countertop
The 21st century revolutionized the bathroom as a place of lavishness and seclusion. In previous decades, bathhouses were frequented by the social elite, but later transitioned to a place for men and women to retreat to. Today, luxurious powder baths, master baths and guest baths are one of the first things sought after when purchasing a home. 
Classic bathroom art painting
Powder baths can have a huge impact in a residence. The rooms should be regarded as a hidden surprise throughout the house. If you are timid in making a statement with a bright wallpaper, ornate finishes or embellished tile, this is a great place to convey your inner Tricia Guild. 
Unique bathroom wall statement piece
Luxe golden bathroom
Golden bathroom fixtures
In regards to designing the perfect bathroom, large and small, you must remember contributing factors to making the space stand out and become a haven for both you and your guests.  Aside from the secluded, petite powder bath, lighting is of the utmost importance. Light provides a natural ambience and will be instrumental in defining the overall aesthetic. Finally, keep it fresh. Always have fresh linens and soothing soap available. Who wouldn't want to take a dip in this tub anyway?
Unique custom bathtub design