Modern staircase patterns
From traditional to modern interiors, staircases often become a true focal point of a home. The character should reflect the style of the home while magnifying interest for a pleasing aesthetic upon entry.
Modern orange and white entryway
Updating a staircase with iron or fretwork can be costly. When working with a budget, consider a fresh coat of white or neutral paint to give your banister a fresh and inviting appearance. Adding a sisal runner to the staircase (pictured above) can add texture and modernize the space while maintaining functionality and durability. 
Unique staircase design
Fretwork has become increasingly popular in both modern and traditional homes. The mix of dark treads and a white wooden banister displays a refined and tailored design that is both inviting and contemporary.  The tribute to chinoiserie within the fretwork adds character to this particular entry while maintaining a clean and timeless look
Open, custom-designed staircase
Iron staircase designs
Contemporary iron designs have made their way into both traditional and modern homes. From simple and sophisticated to more intricate and whimsical railings, iron can be a great material to add interest to a stairway. It can give a historic interior an updated and eclectic touch without taking the integrity away. 
Open blue and white room
If you aren't ready to dive into a construction project, consider purchasing a patterned runner like this one from Dash and Albert to enhance a staircase. Mixing materials and patterns gives welcomed texture to a space giving it and elevated appeal to both touch and sight.