Regal blues and whites in living room

When discovering color in a home, hues of blue can be counted on as one of the most versatile and classic.  "There is a classic crispness to blue and white, and woven natural materials counterbalance that crispness with rustic texture" (Mark D. Sikes).  Incorporating different patterns and textures of blue textiles in a room will give the the space dimension and interest.

Custom designed blue and white room

Living in Oklahoma, we don't have the luxury of waking up every morning to the sound of rolling waves, while simultaneously sipping a cup of joe and staring into the blue abyss... so, we have to bring the serenity inside. Shades of blue are often associated with tranquility and can contribute to the relaxed aesthetic of a home.


Soft blue paint and wooden furniture

However, the use of different tones can often inspire a fresh, yet daring look in an area. Blue is timeless-- a dark navy or royal blue can inspire a bold mixture that relays sophistication and refinement.

Blue accent pieces for the home

Furniture inspired by Mark D. Sikes