Art on our Walls: Spring 2019
Great art can be easy to spot, but placing in your own space can be a bit more time consuming.
Let a pattern define your palette throughout your room. Art should accentuate the overall aesthetic of the room. Don't limit your choice of artwork to the specific color of the room, but rather choose one or two colors that tie in. 
Choose interesting sizes that make a statement on a narrow wall for an element of surprise. Or create an impact by displaying a story behind each piece of art in a collection.
Mix and match modern works with traditional botanicals. Do not limit yourself to one particular design aesthetic and rather layer with what makes the space YOUR home.  Make your own rules!
Transform large spaces with layered artwork centering off of an anchored center piece or use a pop of color to add dimension to a completely neutral room.
April 03, 2019 by Madeline O'Connor