Art on our Walls: October 2017
We are always looking for great art. From giclées to original pieces, it is truly one of our favorite parts of styling a space. We love carrying local artworks within the showroom and using them in as many projects as possible.  We understand the desire for original works of art and continually hold such a high regard for our local artists, but for those trying to fill a wall without breaking the bank, this art line will create the biggest effect in your home with a limited budget. 
This pair of nudes is one of our all time favorites--It remains classic with an edgy appeal. Hang these two lovelies in your master bath to accentuate an elegant ambience.
We've ordered this beauty in many custom sizes (available in store/by phone only). It adds a charming twist on a traditional botanical with verbiage written on the side making it feel as though it has been passed down through the generations. 
And for a pop o' color... (we had to), this forever loved landscape abstract is exactly what the ME Home color-wheel is made of. It's the perfect piece of art to use when trying to update a traditional room and unite different colors and textures throughout the space.
It is always amazing how art can immediately alter the feel of the room. Artwork like the piece pictured above can add interest and sophistication with it's neutral tones and minimalist appeal.